Need Help With Your Little Bunny?

Need Help With Your Little Bunny?As a Certified Postpartum Doula & Lactation Educator, I have over 18 years of experience helping parents transition into a new life once the latest addition to your family has arrived. As a certified postpartum doula, I will assist you with everything from your first night home to giving you some much-needed rest during those important first few weeks. Many of my past clients have told me that having a postpartum doula on-hand helped to create a stress-free home environment.

As an IMI Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant™ I take an all-inclusive and integrative perspective  on sleep– taking in to consideration the child, it’s environment and it’s caregivers. A parent can get their baby to sleep using many different methods, however when the baby is not in tune and in balance with it’s caregivers and it’s environment, then getting to sleep will be a struggle. In addition, I offer current, cutting-edge and evidence based information. As a IMI Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant™, I teach new parents to connect or re-connect with their child. Often times, connecting or re-connecting with your child brings the greatest success, when it comes to sleep.